Gear Purchasing

We offer guaranteed fit gear through a vendor.  We offer three different packages:

  • Basic Set: This kit includes everything your fencer will need to train in our classes. This kit is not competition legal. It includes mask, jacket, glove, sabre, and bag
    • $70/month for 6 months OR Flat 400
  • Competition Set: This kit includes everything your fencer will need to compete in any USFA or FIE sanctioned tournament. This set includes everything in the Basic Set, as well as a lame, knickers, two body cords, two mask cords, and a second sabre.
    • $120/month for 6 months OR $60/month for 12 months OR Flat 700
  • Basic Upgrade Set: Did you get our Basic Set and now your fencer wants to compete? Get this set to upgrade your Basic Set to the Competition Set. This set includes: Lame, Knickers, 2 body cords, 2 mask cords, second sabre.
    • $70/month for 6 months or Flat 400

The links above take you to the sizing forms for each kit.  If you are unsure about sizing, please schedule below with our armorer for a fitting. Please allow a few days for us to process your order and about a week to two weeks for shipping. Once your kit comes in, we will bring it to class for you.


Our club has a full-service 3 weapon armorer on call for in club and out-of-club services. Prices vary based on the service required, please fill out the contact form below for a quote and to set up an appointment to have your equipment serviced.

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.