The 2019 Tournament Results

Starting this year, we are hosting tournaments throughout the year with prizes awarded to the best fencers at the end of the year.

All tournaments held at Sabre Escrime of Pasadena will be judged by the club coaches and will follow the rules of USFA and FIE sabre fencing rules (found at The tournament will be conducted in as many rounds as necessary as to find a single victor. The first round will always be a round robin pool, and each subsequent pool will be direct elimination. Pool bouts will be to a minimum of 5 touches, and direct elimination bouts will be to a minimum of 10 touches. After a fencer is eliminated, they will move to the loser's bracket.

Fencers will be awarded points based on performance in the bout. Each winner’s bracket victory will award a fencer 5 points. Each touch that fencer receives reduces that score by 1 point each (in a bout where the ending score was 5-3, the winning fencer would only receive 2 points). Should the number of touches reduce the victor’s score to below 0, the fencer receives 1 point regardless of final score.

Once a fencer is in the loser’s bracket, the direct eliminations continue until a winner is found as shown above. Fencers who are eliminated later are inserted into the bracket as they can be. Each victory only awards 1 point.

Bonus points are awarded for those who place in the tournament.

  • 1st: 10 points

  • 2nd: 5 points

  • 3rd: 2 points

  • Loser’s first: 2 points

  • Fencer who was touched the least: 5 points (this cannot go to the fencer who takes 1st)

Fencer Score
 William  20
Dashiel 17
William 2