All current deals and promotions will be listed below. Any deals with an expiration date may still appear on the page, but the date is still the last day you may claim that deal or promotion. Any promotion based on membership in an organization will be applied to the next billing cycle after we are able to verify attendance.



LAFD/COre/carbon Health

-50% off for 3 months

Bring a friend:

If you refer a friend who signs up for a month, you get two free private lessons or 50% off your group class cost.

-the prorated month doesn't count but the following month will count towards BRING A FRIEND.


bring a sibling

Each sibling gets a permanent 10% discount as long as both are enrolled


After School special

You may receive a discount for your child being a member of one of these after-school programs. Please select all that apply and we will grant the highest discount available. This discount applies for 3 months.  We will contact the listed ASP director and verify.   You will receive a refund for the difference if we can't verify before your start date.

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