About Us

Meet Our Staff

Our instructors have learned from a myriad of coaches from across the country and bring those skills to help teach students here in Pasadena. Each of our coaches has over a decade of fencing and coaching experience.  If we had a mission statement it would probably be about taking care of physical and mental health of our students first. 

Coach Bleu

Coach Bleu runs the group classes and gives private lessons.  He is former assistant coach from Z fencing, Coach at Salle D'asaro 2, and Assistant Coach for CalTech Fencing and associated with Salle Lancier.

Coach Jessi

Coach Jessi of Milestone Fencing Studio is the lead of our Partnered Program.  If you're interested in a competition privates lesson you can reach her at asyouwish@milestonefencingstudio.com


Armorer Chris S.

Armorer Chris supports fencing in the area by repairing, building, and testing equipment.  Reach out to us via the Armory and Gear page if you need help with any fencing equipment.  Or you can send him an email at goarmoury@gmail.com

physical therapist Chris F.

Chris is an accomplished physical therapist with an interest in body mechanics in relation to generating power in sports performance. Chris is our consult on best practices and exercises to improve safety and performance.  We take knees pretty seriously here.  Please use our contact page if you need an online consult.  

Our student Jolene winning third at the SoCal Little Musketeers RYC tournament in Thousand Oaks, CA
Our student Jolene winning third at the SoCal Little Musketeers RYC tournament in Thousand Oaks, CA

What is Sabre Fencing

The Olympic Sabre evolved from the French and Italian dueling sabres popularly used in the 19th centuries. In modern times, sabre fencing is an intense, high energy sport where the idea is to master timing and distance to hit your opponent before being hit. 
Fencing, formerly reserved for the elite, upper class, has become a fast growing sport available to anyone willing to better themselves and become more.   

Fencing can help clear the mind, reduce stress, and help you think in the moment.  Physical strength, agility, and flexibility will come naturally as well.

At Sabre Escrime of Pasadena, we take these concepts to heart by utilizing techniques that enhance hand-eye coordination, speed of thought, muscle memory, as well as general fitness.