Frequently Asked Questions

What comes included with group lesson tuition?


You can attend any class times listed for your group classes.  Aside from the group lessons, students may once per month swap your group lesson for a private lesson. We call these "Switch Lessons". Equipment is provided


There are a lot of overlaps in the schedule, what is going on with that?


The intermediate classes over lap with advanced classes.  You go to either class that you belong to. The beginner class is a required to attend any add on class like intermediate or advanced. And is required to qualify for add on private lessons.


What if my child fits into the advanced class age group but has never fenced before?


Based on the class restructuring on April 2022 the following is no longer valid

If we have an instructor available, we will provide an instructor to get your fencer up to speed during the half hour where advanced students are expected to work on their own. We encourage you to use your switch lesson early in order to get your fencer caught up, as well as a private lesson or two, depending on how quickly he or she picks up the concepts.


I have a group that would like to participate, how do we schedule that?


We love doing group introductory classes, as they say friends that slay together stay together. We are able to do group introductory classes on Sundays for groups up to 10 people. We request everyone arrive about 10 to 15 minutes early so all the waivers can be signed and collected before the class begins. Please send a message through the contact page or email us at