New Students

First lesson with Sabre Escrime of Pasadena is free!

1. New Student forms

Please follow the links below and fill out the forms before your first lesson.


Waiver, Release, and Terms of Service 


Contact Information - form allows us to send you routine emails.


2. Schedule a Free Lesson

Schedule by clicking button below and choose Free Intro Lesson when prompted. 


If you enjoyed the free lesson, show up to the group class you are interested in. 


If you would like to continue with private lessons, click schedule a lesson and choose private lesson. 

Billing is done via Venmo.

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Have some questions? Please read our FAQ!

What happens at class?

Students begin class with some light fencing and conditioning. We then move on to footwork, then blade work.  They class ends with games and open fencing.

Your First Lesson

When coming to your free introductory lesson, Click Here to schedule.  You will get a lesson on the fundamentals of footwork and blade work.

Children under 8 years old

Group classes are recommended for ages 8 and up, but if you have a child 5-6 years old; we can do private lessons.  This is for the comfort and safety of the fencers and coaches.   When your fencer is ready, we can move them to group classes.

Switch Lessons

All students in Beginner and Advanced classes have the option to switch a group class for a private lesson once per month. This lesson functions exactly like a normal private lesson, and is a great opportunity for young fencers to drill any weaknesses, or get caught up on any missed instruction. These switch lessons are also good for your scheduling as it gives you the ability to have a half-time lesson once per month.

Group Introductory Class

Group introductory classes are a great way to get your group of friends or family involved in fencing together. We are able to schedule these classes on Saturdays from 1:00pm to 2:30pm. Please contact us directly here at least 2 weeks in advance of when you would like to schedule the class. We will attempt to work with your schedule as best as we can. We request all participants be at least 7 years old. We can accommodate up to 6 fencers per class. During this class, all fencers will be taught how to do basic footwork, cuts, parries, and ripostes, with some light fencing at the end. We request a $15 donation per participant for the afternoon. All fencers will be required to sign or have a waiver signed for them by a legal guardian before fencing. All gear will be provided by the club, just arrive in exercise clothes and ready to learn!