Lessons · 07. July 2020
In this lesson, we'll be doing some hopping. We're learning the jump forward, the jump backward as well as the beat and go and some more etiquette in preparation for beginning to do live fencing.
Lessons · 30. June 2020
In this week's lesson, we are discussing the skitter step, the parry-riposte drill, and compound actions.
Lessons · 23. June 2020
In this week's lesson, we discuss the double advance, redopio step, parry 2, and cut 2.
Lessons · 16. June 2020
In this week's lesson, we discuss the three main parries, as well as the three main cuts.
Lessons · 09. June 2020
In this lesson, we discuss the basics of fencing. We first discuss the basic etiquette of the salle, followed by how to hold the sabre, how to move in fencing, and the four distances. We use a lot of fencing terms here, please refer to this blog for what all the names below mean!
08. June 2020
Fencing equipment, like any piece of kit, needs to be taken care of. Here we will break down how to care and clean for all your fencing equipment.
18. March 2020
With the mass spreading of the Covid-19 virus spreading around the world, we are taking precautions to prevent the spread as best we can. Please see below for our following schedule changes: Any time our host, The Vault Dance Studio is open, we will be having classes Any changes to the Vault's scheduling we will mirror. Private lessons will not be changing. Please visit our Scheduling page to schedule a private lesson. In order to ensure you, and we, are safe, please consider not attending...
14. March 2020
This blog is based on Jim Emmon's article which can be read here and I'd recommend you read that here. Today I had a long-form discussion with my friends in Northwest Armizzare about what growth in fencing looks like. The conclusion we came to is fencing is like a wheel, or ziggurat. Each spoke or side is a weapon, if you only dive into one side, you will eventually plateau in your training. It is up to all of us, students and teachers, to recognize when we are running into that plateau so we...
22. March 2019
Starting this year, we are hosting tournaments throughout the year with prizes awarded to the best fencers at the end of the year. All tournaments held at Sabre Escrime of Pasadena will be judged by the club coaches and will follow the rules of USFA and FIE sabre fencing rules (found at https://www.usafencing.org/usa-fencing-rule-book). The tournament will be conducted in as many rounds as necessary as to find a single victor. The first round will always be a round robin pool, and each...