Beginner Classes - Lesson 3

In this week's lesson, we discuss the double advance, redopio step, parry 2, and cut 2.

Double Advance

The double advance is used to break up tempo and allow you to move in quickly with a varied distance gain over taking two advances. Both advances are conducted exactly the same as the advance discussed in the first lesson, with two major differences. The first advance is done small and quick, and the second is done large and slower. 

Redopio Step

The redopio step, or redoubling step in English, is a movement where you are able to sneakily gain ground, or prepare yourself for a greater powered lunge. To conduct the redopio step, bring your back foot up to the front foot, while maintaining the perpendicular positioning of your feet, then step forward with the front foot. 

Parry Two

Parry two is the parry which covers the lower outside line (around your hip). In order to do this parry, from en guarde simply drop the point down from your wrist. The point should not be straight down at the ground, but your blade should be at an angle away from you.

Cut Two

Cut two is a rising cut to your opponent's hip or under your opponent's weapon arm. This area is called the low outside line. to make this cut, you need to extend your arm out, then rotate your arm to your inside so the blade is at an angle with the point toward the ground. You will then squeeze your fingers and point your thumb so the edge rises toward your opponent.

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