Light Saber Seminar 3/19

Have you ever wanted to learn how to fight with a lightsaber? Come to this special course, hosted by Sabre Escrime of Pasadena, where we will focus on teaching the basics of footwork, blade work, and some plays from our interpretation of Form V of lightsaber combat. Form V focuses on defense followed by a counter-attack.


The class will be held at Sabre Escrime of Pasadena’s normal location at 57 Palmetto Dr. in Pasadena, and will last for one hour. Please come ready to exercise and move about. We will be providing standard (and cleaned) Olympic fencing gear. If you would like to have better hand protection, a pair of lacrosse gloves or gloves for Historical European Martial Arts would be better.


The seminar will begin with a discussion on what we will be learning, some familiarity with footwork, and the guards. After that we will move into some light sparring. Questions are highly encouraged so please ask at any time!


We will require you to sign a waiver releasing us from responsibility and you accepting responsibility for any damage (outside of normal wear and tear) to the equipment. Please bring your own water bottle, and if you have it your own fencing gear. We will provide the lightsabers (unless you have your own, go ahead and bring it, we’ll let you know if we’re comfortable using it), ensure it is one which is meant for dueling, the lightsabers from Disneyland, sadly, are not.


The cost for the seminar will be $40, paid before class. We can take Venmo or cash. Please no checks.